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Software for Managing Restaurant. Use to computerise restaurant by which a person can maintain restaurant bills and expenses with vast reporting capabilities
  • Entry in bill by item name or item no.
  • Automatic KOT generation.
  • Handled by shortcut keys.
  • Easy table transfer facility.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly sales, expenses and other reports.
  • User friendly.
  • Multi format reports.
  • Cash, Cheque, Credit card and other payment options.
  • Item wise sales report.
  • Manage employee payroll.
  • Regular customer Birthday, Anniversary report.
  • Party booking & party menu report.
  • Stock & inventory management.
  • GST Ready with CGST, SGST calculation.


Software for Managing Guesthouse. By which person can manage and maintain Hotel using computer.
  • On main screen status information like check-in, checkout, housekeeping, name of the person of occupied room.
  • Handled by more than one user (multiuser facility).
  • Easy to use and manage.
  • One click room transfer facility.
  • All room services handled in a single form.
  • Company wise payment and outstanding report.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly police report, c form report, form 3 report, income expenses, Check-in, check-out, and room services reports.
  • Multi format report.
  • GST Ready with CGST, SGST calculation.


Software for Managing Guesthouse. By which person can manage and maintain Hotel using computer and tablet.
  • Nicely design dashboard.
  • Customer Relationship Manager module available.
  • Keep track of Booked, Vacant, Occupied Rooms.
  • Tariff Calculator.
  • Multiple check in with different register numbers.
  • Extra person checkin / checkout.
  • Enter room services directly from dashboard.
  • Day wise tariff list in bill.
  • Directly print Photo ID , Finger print from software.
  • Nicely design reports.
  • User Role based access control.
  • Log history for all important transactions.
  • Wi Fi API support.
  • Promotional SMS like birth date, anniversary and Transactional SMS support.
  • GST Ready with CGST, SGST calculation.
  • Guest remarks and multiple remarks for each in house guest.
  • Guest complaints.
  • Lost and Found items.
  • Booking forecasting.


Software for Maintain Stock and Inventory in a Retail or Wholesaler store. Managing Retail and Tax Invoices with completely tax calculation.
  • Retail invoice and tax invoice (Sales) and Sales Return.
  • Purchase and purchase return.
  • Automatic stock management at purchase and selling time.
  • Automatic tax calculation.
  • If Barcode reader attached with system then it's ready to scan and make bills easy.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly sales, purchase, sales return, purchase return, stock, expenses, category wise stock and other reports.
  • Multi format reports generation facility.
  • Easy to edit bill.
  • Cash, Cheque, Credit cards payments reports.
  • GST Ready with CGST, SGST calculation.


Software for Managing a Caterers and Decorators Business with vast reporting capabilities and Managing stock and Inventory for same
  • Advance booking for Mandap and Decoration.
  • Estimation or bill for any site.
  • Stock maintenance for each items (item and category wise stock).
  • Easy to make bill and manage software.
  • Advance and remaining payment report.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly sales, income, expenses and other reports.
  • Easy to edit bill.


Software for managing photo lab with vast reposting capabilities.
  • When pen drive is inserted, software automatically reads content and selects images contained in it and copies them to a specified folder as in the order of user-defined sizes and puts these sorted images in their respective sub folder.
  • Select paper type and it automatically calculates amount of the copies selected for billing.
  • Photo Lab Management System is loaded with vast reporting capabilities.
  • End of the month/year account statement for each salesman and studio.

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