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Restaurant KOT App

-Fast Ordering and Billing Process
-Automatic System Generated KOT can make efficiency in Operation
-Items auto inserted in system directly so no need to enter KOT again in system. It will reduce time as well as resources
-Captain can directly give bill print command to computer from tab or mobile so no need to verify items in bill which again save time and resources
-We have not set the limitation of users in application so any number of user can access it which has rights given by the admin user
-We provide apps for all restaurant which will connect to your system trough your local WIFI
-If your WIFI or network is down still you can make billing without disturbance at that time KOT Generation is not possible but your billing system is working fine.

Awesome Features

Dine In Restaurant

Our system is suitable for any kind of restaurant. Also our KOT module is available in Android OS so any user can access in his/her mobile

Fast Food, Sweep Shop

Coupon or Token Bill (without KOT of with KOT) for all kind of food outlet like take away, Dine In, Sweets corner or Multi Cuisine. Can be used in a parcel (take away), Home Delivery and self-service system in form of Sales Invoice and Tax Invoice.

Multiple Kitchen Printing

KOT will be split as per items serving kitchen. like single order has multiple items which concerning to different kitchen will directly send to their kitchen printer and KOT have only those items which will relate to their kitchen.

Menu Management

Item searching by item code and item name. Also as per user requirements give special info in KOT with special instruction so need to go in kitchen for give special instruction of order.

KOT Android APP

App to take orders from a guest. KOT will save directly in PC's Software. When you will punch KOT, Computer will auto start print KOT to the printer anywhere in your local area.

Creating and Managing Users

If you have more than one person in your organization that will need access to the software, you can create additional users and assign them permissions.