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Digital Card

Now a day in technical era all business owner needs to make digital card for his business so he/she can easily share it to any client. Digital card will contain all the basic details of business-like website, portfolio, about business etc. We as Inspire Software will provide service to make digital card of any business which includes all required details as in digital form

Awesome Features

Single Platform

Printed cards make up a heap in a few months so it becomes hard to find when required. It might get misplaced too as they are flooded like anything by the clients. It might also contain some irrelevant data.

Easy Updation

Another advantage of a Digital Visiting card is that it is easily updated. In the case of Printed cards, we need to Redesign and Reprint the cards which becomes difficult and expensive for small businesses. A Digital Visiting card lets you automatically update the changes in your contact information, addresses, and vice versa.

Easy Access

ou can get easy access to the visiting cards shared by others on your Smartphone anytime, anywhere. Due to the Digital India Campaign, everyone is Digitizing themselves and so everyone can easily access the Digital cards.


Digital cards are not required to be printed and designed, unlike paper cards. So, Digital Visiting cards are far cheaper if not inexpensive than paper cards.

Great First Impact

Digital Visiting cards allow you to attach videos and links which are related to your business. This helps in showing the whole story behind your brand. This creates a very good First Impression for your customer.

Time Saving

Digital Business card saves a hell lot of time