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Digital Menu For Restaurant

Inspire Software had developed a software for digital menu. Now a days in technical era very few restaurants had implemented this concept in restaurant. It will be very helpful to the owner and create good image on customer mind. Once user seat on table he can scan QR code which is already posted on the table. Once QR code scanned user can see the menu as per category. Also, they can make order from his/her mobile. User can able to see recipe of items, price of item, quantity of item at the time of place the order. So, no need to take more captain for ordering. It will save manpower also. Another important aspect is that owner can make changes in price of any item at anytime no need to change menu after every six month or year or month. It will save lots of cost of owner in menu printing and its more impressive. Once order placed by user store keeper will accept it and serve it as per order. It will save time and money as well as resources. And service will be fast. Also get more accuracy in work.

Awesome Features

Better Visibility of Menu

The digital display have the ability to grab user’s attention with videos and animations. On any given day, the digital boards are more eye pleasing than the regular paper menus.

Adaptable Menus

Flexible updates can be made to a single menu or even multiple menus can be displayed based on time. Do you serve breakfast, lunch & dinner? Replace manual updates with adaptable and smart updates.

Reduce Wait Time

Digital menu boards help waiting diners to decide on what to order and instantly place their order once they are seated. Moreover a restaurant can use several other things like display fun facts or display promotional material to distract the waiting customers and get them less frustrated.

Save Time by Easy to update Digital Display

Any sought of update can be made in a matter of seconds and whenever you want to. One need not worry for the additional cost and the delay that happens in getting the immediate prints done. Forever, this is a task of one person and that too for a few minutes in a day instead of involving 2-3 different resources every time any kind of update is made.

Time to Go Digital

The pros of having a Digital menu are much more than the cons. With every minor need getting a form of being digitalised, its high time a restaurant decides to go digital by adapting an on the go digital signage system.

Lower Costs & Higher Profit Margins

By investing in digital signage menus and boards, there will be a cost reduction in printing out new menus every time a minor change comes up. Sales will boost reasonably which would indirectly help you in scaling up profit margins.