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Hotel Booking App

Welcome to Hotel Ostria, a well known hotel, located at surat in the fastest growing business city of Gujarat.

From accommodation, online payment to stay management and price comparison features, an ideal hotel booking app must contain all the vital features to deliver a complete gratifying experience. If you also wish to flourish in your hotel business by crafting a perfect hotel booking app, you must consider certain essential features to make it a huge success. Here are must-have features in your hotel booking app to facilitate maximum convenience to customers.

Awesome Features

Hotel Information

The complete information about the hotel needs to be displayed so that the user can now more about the hotel with complete details.

Display The Availability

This is the main feature user expects as soon as he/she searches for a vacancy in the hotel. The available rooms and hotels should be displays prior so that it would be easy for the user to choose from them.


Instead of complicating the booking process it would be better if it is made as simple as two clicks. When the user selects the room he should be taken to a safe payment method through his debit card/ Credit Card or UPI. Also user can select pay at hotel as a payment mode.


In case the user wants to cancel the trip he should be able to do that and the money paid should be returned based on the time he took in between booking and cancellation. The user should be kept aware of the approximate time when the money will be returned.

Push Notifications

Push notifications help in keeping the users updated with the new features of the app the new discounts being provided by hotel. It also sends instant alerts to the app users informing them about their booking, check-in and check-out time, new offers etc.

Rating and Feedback

Rating and feedback important as the user can share his experience in the form of feedback suggestions which will be useful the customers to know about the hotel facilities before going there, Also the management in the hotel can be improved by understanding the needs of the customers better.