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Restaurant Food Ordering App

-Food delivery apps are providing doorstep services to people in need. The instant, reliable, and convenient way of accessing services has attracted people towards these platforms. There has been an increase in user engagements with more people inclining towards these apps
-We provide unique app for your restaurant which create a unique image in customer minds. Customer can make order of his/her favorite dishes from home or work place.
-No need to pay commission to any third party deliverables.
-Restaurant owner can add any item or item category at any time also make necessary price changes.
-Owner can create discount coupon for any user.
-Owner can send push notification to all customer or particular customer at any time.
-On-demand food delivery apps are constantly aiming to reduce time and increase the comfort of the users.
-User has comfort to make payment via UPI/Net Banking/Credit Cart or Cash on delivery.
-We have developed app for many restaurant like Hotel Savera, Saffron Restaurant and Hotel Flora Etc.
-Restaurant owner can put any discount on any dishes or any item at any time.

Awesome Features


Customers should be able to search and compare any items, offers, cuisines with the food ordering app solutions. They should be able to search by cuisine, price etc as per their convenience.


This feature should enable customers to add and remove items from the cart. They should also be able to cancel or reorder as and when they wish.


The customers should be allowed to mark and save their favorite dishes and eateries so that they don’t have to search all over again. This makes reordering or ordering something previously out of stock very easy.


All top food delivery apps have this feature to attract and retain a loyal customer base. Customers prefer to save money with discounts and that is why this feature is a must in your food delivery food app.

Payment Details

While developing an online food ordering system or delivery system, making payments easy, fast and secure is really important. You could have integrated payment gateways like cards, e-wallets, net banking, or COD as an option to pay bills.


With this feature, a customer can order online, skip the waiting lines, delivery fees and come to sit in the restaurant and eat.