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Software for managing any kind of restaurant, cafes and bakery. Use to computerize restaurant by which a person can maintain restaurant bills and expenses with vast reporting capabilities

A restaurant billing software allows ease of billing transactions to make the process simpler and quicker. However, that is not all that the software does. The right software can help you deal with a number of things such as managing orders and inventories, tracking the sales and performance of the business, storing customer data for marketing purposes, and much more.

- Simple user friendly software for Restaurant, Café, Pizza and Many More.
- Easy user interface
- KOT Management
- Notifications
- Inventory Management
- Business Intelligence Reports
- Tablet and Mobile Ordering for KOT
- Multiple Payment Mode Setup

Awesome Features

Auto backup

You can simply save your data on a local drive. It will enable you to have access to your billing history from anywhere. By making a backup regularly, you won't ever lose the data that you have collected over years of experience.

Automated Reports

The software ensures automated report generation that you can view on your dashboard to keep track of how well the business is performing. This reduces the time you would otherwise have to spend.

All-Round Management

Your restaurant billing software can not only manage the billing aspect of the business but also manage orders, taxes, performance tracking, and more, all through a single software.

Multiple Payment Modes

Unlike restaurants with a lack of technology, a restaurant billing system allows multiple payment modes that make it convenient for both, customers and restaurateur. With newer payment apps being introduced, this is all the more vital.

Offline Operation

No need to provide internet connection because software is working as offline base so it’s very easy to perform operations fast.

24*7 Support

We have team of employees who are try to provide best support to our clients on phone call or online.